3 ways to rock the half bun trend while standing out 

Are you tired of your daily hairstyles? Are you willing to create different ones? You should definitely try the half bun (commonly called ‘hun’ ). But I am not talking about the huns everyone is wearing. You probably already tried those. I am talking about new and innovative ways to rock the trend. It will change your life.
This hairstyle went viral. From celebrities to designers, most fashionistas fell in love with the hun trend. This is perfectly understandable. Half buns are easy to make. You can rock this trend pratically everywhere, regardless of your hairstyle.
But how to rock the hun trend while standing out? You probably already tried doing huns like Hilary’s and many others. But did you try the Voluminous hun, the elegant hun and the double hun?

(This is the hun you’ve seen everywhere and on everyone. It is what we can call the ‘common huns’.I guess you’ve already tried these huns. However if you never tried them or are willing to recreate Hilary Duff’s [and the one most girls and maybe boys tried before] here’s the guide. Make a half bun using a small mane of hair and put it on the top of your head . Perfect to hang out with your friends or to go shopping. But already seen before.)

So finally here is how to wear new and summer like huns that will definitely make you stand out.

1/be the queen of elegance

Add some chic to the trend like Kate Middleton and back comb your hair. Then wear a hun on the back of your head. You’ll be the queen of the night. No kidding.

2/ double it

Make two huns instead of one to add some coolness to your hairstyle. All eyes will be turned on you. No kidding.

3/add some volume

Zendaya sure knows how to make cool huns. Take a big bunch of hair and gather it on the top of your head. There you have it. A nice classy hun a la Zendaya.

Enjoy your summer and treat your hair with some cool hairstyles (like the hun). Now you know how to rock this trend while standing out.


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