Seeing double

It seems like buns, braids and sunglasses are feeling lonely these days. That explains why double buns and half buns, boxer braids and double sunglasses are trending right now.


Double sunglasses

Wear these sunnies [photo: guess sunglasses] and feel like a VIP. You can’t wander around without seeing these sunglasses. They are everywhere and on everyone.


Boxer braids

Boxer braids have been trending for a few months now. From Karlie Kloss to Rita Ora, most celebrities are addicted to this trend. Rita upgraded the trend, adding pearls in her hair.

The double half bun

The spice girls brought the double half bun trend back. Feel inspired by the 1990s and rock this hairstyle. Ariana – see previous article  – Ciara and more already gave it a try.

The double bun

Princess Leila gave birth to the double bun trend which is back on track right now. Gwen Stefani, Cara… felt inspired by this trend. Spice up your summer with this hairstyle.

Now go ahead and double it up. You won’t be disappointed.



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