Hacks using vaseline 

Vaseline is cheap and will do you wonders. Let me prove it to you.

1#For fuller brows:
Apply Vaseline where needed. After a while your hair will grow back.

2#For nicely groomed brows:
Use petroleum jelly like an eyebrow gel and brush it all over your brows. Remove the excess. Admire the result.

3#For longer and stronger lashes:
Treat your eyelashes applying a small amount of product with a q-tip or an old and clean mascara brush.

4#For soft and kissable lips:
Hydrate your lips with Vaseline as you would with your favorite lipstick. They will thank you. I swear.

5#For nice hands:
Softly push your cuticles away applying petroleum jelly on your nails. Then paint your nails with colours that you like (but wait a few minutes to do so because otherwise your nail vanish will be sticky -I know, it happened to me once)

6#For damaged skin:
If you have cracked feet or knees or whatever just rub some product into your skin. After a few days, it will be completely healed.

7#To smell good all day
Are you fed up cause your perfume doesn’t stay long enough? Well things are about to change. Apply some Vaseline on your neck or your wrists (maybe the second option is better if you have a sensitive skin) and spray your perfume on top of it. You are welcome.

I can assure you all these tips worked for me (I have to confess that I didn’t try the last one yet but that is the only exception). I hope they will work for you too. What’s your favorite tip using Vaseline? Let me know.



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