4 fragrances perfect for Summer

I have several statement perfumes, and I like to change frangrances according to seasons. Deep scents are wonderful during Winter and Autumn while fresher scents are good for Spring and Summer.

Here are 4 Summerly fragrances that have a gorgeous scent.

1/ Chloé -by Chloé

This is one of my favorite perfumes. It smells like dew and is very feminine. The Chloé perfume is composed of a flowery garden or bouquet : honey rose, lychee (lexi), freesia, magnolia, peony, grey amber and cedar.

2/Coconut perfume -by the Body Shop

My dad bought me this fragrance and I like to wear it, especially this Summer. I believe coconut is a Summerly scent. It makes us think of exotic islands and dreamy remote places… This scent will take you far away, on a cruise to an idyllic holiday destination.

3/Beautiful Day -by Castelbajac

The name of the perfume is actually quite inviting and attractive. Spray some for happy vibes. The scents are combined so as to take you on a journey to bliss: almond, bitter Orange sweetened by vanilla,  Tonka bean, lily of the valley with a drop of Orange blossom. Appart from its composition, its packaging is beautiful as well and is entirely designed by Castelbajac, a designer which I believe, is a highly talented artist.

4/Scandal -by Jean Paul Gaultier

This fragrance is for both elegant and daring girls. It is a mixture of chypre with a hint of honey, gardenia and patchouli. This perfume hides a powerful message: Gaultier intends to show that women are men’s equals. The “Sandal” woman is, to Gaultier today’s woman.

What is your favorite perfume? Do you own one of these?
Let me know.




4 responses to “4 fragrances perfect for Summer

  1. Ooh I really want to try that coconut mist! I need go go back to body shop, I haven’t been in so long! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my recent one out too x


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