Best worldly tricks and products for gorgeous hair

During Summer, between the swimming pool, the beach and the sun, your hair can be pretty damaged. They might be dry or dull. These tips will help you treat your hair so as to make them soft and smooth.

1/Do not wash your hair everyday

Washing your hair daily makes your scalp more greasy. Hence you should avoid it and let your hair breathe. You should shampoo twice a week or every 5 days depending on your hair type. That’s what most French girls do. (If you feel you need to wash your hair more often, use dry shampoo some days instead of liquid shampoo to give some rest to your hair).

2/Prevent hair damage

Dry your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel. This will help avoid breakage. You should also twist your T-shirt around your hair instead of rubbing your scalp. If you have frizzy or culrly hair, this tip will also help you tame your hair. Italian hair professional Umberto Giannini says doing this last trick will help create balanced and bouncy curls (if you have wavy/curly hair).

3/Get shiny hair

Cut a lemon into two. Press some lemon juice on your hair for extra shine and rince off with cold water. You can also try with cider vinegar, and shampoo afterwards. The lemon Parisian Furterer shampoo will make your hair shimmery as well. Furthermore, the “ritual of hammam shampoo” by the Dutch brand Rituals will give you shiny and voluminous hair.

4/Hair oil

This is a Summer essential. It protects your hair while you are at the beach or pool and prevents it from being dry. You can also use it instead of conditioner. It has similar properties.
-Indian women have long, strong and healthy hair. Their trick is to put Indian oil in their hair.  Amla oil is an oil I recommend. It smells really good and keeps your hair mosturised.
-You can also try Tahitian oil. I really like their monoi oil. I particularly suggest that you buy Yves Rocher Monoi oil.
Whatever oil you chose to put in your hair, my advice is that you leave it a few hours on your hair and then shampoo.

5/ Keep your hair hydrated

When it’s Summertime apart from hair oil, I like to alternate masks and conditioners. The French brand “Le petit marseillais” is amazing. I like their Shea butter as well as their argan oil mask and conditioner. They leave your hair really smooth and tangle free.

6/ Natural shampoo

The chemicals that are in some shampoos damage your hair. Instead of these shampoos, try ecological shampoos. For instance use Reverie’s organic nude shampoo. Most Californians swear by it. You can also try the French Klorane shampoos. I like to use the “lait d’avoine” one. Finally, purchase the wild leaves “Beauty and the bees” solid shampoo -a Tasmanian and Australian brand using Indian trees- to heal your scalp. 

Do you use any of these products? What’s your favorite? What is your Summer hair routine?
Let me know.



9 responses to “Best worldly tricks and products for gorgeous hair

  1. My hair has not been great because I’ve been swimming so much recently so I’ll use this tricks! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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