Artsy and innovative couture brands you should know

One of the reasons I write this blog is to show that fashion is an art which enables everyone to express its creativity and to be innovative. Clothes cannot be reduced to pieces of fabric: they are paintings, they are drawings, they are thoughts, they are  imagination. 

That’s why I would like to introduce you to Tranoï, a fashion trade show which runs during Paris Fashion Week. Tranoï is the Italian word for “between us” and gathers new designers, contemporary brands as well as fashion influencers. This fashion show displays their work in rooms that are transformed into art galleries. Tranoï is in fact an artistic  platform which creates a link between fashion, art and business.

For each show, Tranoï selects fashion designers and present their work for the world to see. Here are my favorites among the selected ones for January 2018:

Dunia Algeri Atelier

This is a Milanese knittwear brand with made to measure alpaga jumpers that will keep you warm this winter. 

Fête impériale

The designs of this Parisian brand are inspired of the Belle époque as well as the 1980s: both periods are combined to create unusual and contrasted clothes.


Harris Wharf London

This English brand has colourful pieces and twists traditional clothes to give them modern vibes. I particularly love their coats.

Stephen Venezia 

This Italian luxury shoe brand displays a range of womanly shoes with geometrical shapes and unusual structures. Their shoes are hand crafted and innovative.


This is a high quality and sophisticated German brand best known for its fur coats and cashmere clothes.


This luxury brand sells Italian leather bags that you can customize. I especially fancy the Olivia bag (see picture on top).

Xenia Design 

This is an unconventional Croatian brand which launches its own trends and creates clothes that reflect particular personalities.  

What is your favorite brand? Did you know any of them? 

Let me know.



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