My PFW experience

Last Sunday, I attended two fashion shows during PFW: the one of Alexis Jodas and the one of Armine Ohanyan. Both shows took place at the same time.

At the beggining of the show, the models formed a lign and posed for pictures.


Then one by one, they walked around the room and let us see their outfits better. I was so happy and honored as I was on the front row of the show.

Models of both sexes were wearing the designers’ collections.

The women models had black outfits on, with unstructured shapes. The designers added touch of lights to their outfit as they completed the look with luminous hair accessories. The clothes are voluminous and can be wear on several events: for work, for a night out or a party. Around your neck, some models wore a shawl which will be trendy next season.




The men models wore colorful designs and eccentric outfits or were adorned with grey and black hues. They all had sandals on and  raincoats which seem to be two major trends for the next season. Next season’s boy is an adventurer, an explorer and a VIP hicker.



So what is your favorite outfit? Did you even attend a fashion show? Which fashion show would you like to attend?

Let me know.












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