Meeting the Vogue team: My Vogue experience

Yesterday was a dream come true. I met the Vogue team, professional photographers and hair, makeup and fashion experts at the Hotel du duc -a fancy locus in Paris. I feel so grateful for my Vogue experience. Let me share it with you!

I met Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue’s French editor in Chief. We talked and I took pictures with her. She is so nice. I gave her my resume and she signed my Vogue magazine. (My real name is Chloé as you can see below):

I also did a photoshoot by Leica for a Vogue cover. It was funny because the photographer asked me to put my mini Claudie Pierlot fringe bag around my neck so it was a little like a necklace. I received my printed Vogue cover.

I attended a Rene Furterer workshop and they gave me hair tips. If you have wavy hair like me you can tame your hair with the Furterer creme de jour -and it smells like Spring. Before doing your shampoo you can try one of their oils for extra shine. After doing your shampoo you can apply conditionner on your ends.

A Guerlain makeup artist applied a pink lipstick on my lips. She gave me a lip makeup remover and then hydrated my lips with a Guerlain lipbalm. Then, she used a lip brush, took a bit of lipstick, outlined my lips and then filled the center of my lips with the lipstick. Here is the shade I chose:

I took many Vogue pictures and I also climbed on the Vespa at the Nyx workshop and took a picture in it. It felt really cool.

Finally I tried the ” Mistinguette ” tea from la durée (Rose and blackcurrant scented) with Violet, rose and Orange blossom treats.

When I left, I received a Vogue goodie bag with Furterer shampoo, Levi’s patches, a Vogue notebook, a Guerlain pin, a Nyx lipstick, La durée tea and Nike shoe laces…

I wore a dress with a glitter collar (major trend right now) with my Repetto marine Boots, checked tights (checks are Spring must-haves) and my Claudie Pierlot Fringe mini bag (fringes are back this season).

Hope you are having a great day. Let me know if you use any of the tips Furterer hairstylists and Guerlain makeup artist use. And feel free to share other hair/makeup tricks you use.




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