Visiting the Prada foundation in Milan

My mum and I went to visit the Prada foundation in Milan. The entrance is beautiful, modern and golden (see pic above).

Prada is a very global brand. The Prada family started the Prada brand and then the Prada daughter launched her brand Miu Miu which was her nickname.

In the first room we can see the famous ballons designed by Jeff Koons.

Then there are luxury cars which are transperced by bars. They look like James Bond cars.

Adfterwards, there is a sea and navy atmosphere with boat windows surrounded by singular shapes. Next to them lays a furry hat which is upside down.

The view is amazing. We can see the golden building of the foundation .

There is an umbrella on top of which rain falls. There is also a dark room which leads to a room of moving mushrooms.

Finally here is the mini version of the foundation.

I hope you liked the foundation. Have you visited it? What’s your favorite artwork?

Let me know




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