Trendy September hairstyles you need to try

September is coming soon. It’s time to change your hair habits and styles. Here are some ideas and trends to spice up your routine.

1/Hair queen

Want to shine and dazzle the world? Place a shiny hairband around your hair like Dolce & Gabbana models.

2/Flower power

Want to add summer vibes to your hairstyle? Flowers will do the trick. Chose a flower hairband like at Dolce & Gabbana.

3/Wavy + show your ears

On catwalks models rock waves and tuck their hair behind their ears. Givenchy models tried the trend and Balmain models too (see picture below).

4/Classy updo

Buns are high this season. Designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Fendi (see picture below) fell for the trend.

Which hairstyle is your favourite? Let me know which one you’ll try.

Are there any other hairstyles your like this season?

Let me know.




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