A/W 2018/2019 Makeup trends

Colors make this season sparkle and mingle with neutral shades.

Discover this season’s makeup trends.

1/Vivid red

At Dolce and Gabbana powerful queens fill the catwalks. Wear a vivid red shade on your lips to master the look.

I like to rock the look with my Marc Jacobs lipstick shade Oh Miley.

2/Pink Generation

At Balmain soft hues bring light to the catwalk. Wear pink blush on your cheekbones, pink eyeshadow on your lids and gloss to rock the look at home.

3/Neutral vibes

At J.W Anderson (pic above) and Dior (pic below), models rock the no-makeup look. Simply apply tinted moisturiser (or regular moisturiser) and chapstick to try to the look. Brush your eyebrows with a special brush and fix them with eyebrow gel or Vaseline.

4/Cat eye

At Fendi model go for the 60s look à la Bardot. Draw a cat eye the shape of a coma on top of your lids down to your inner eyes to wear the look.

What’s your favorite look/trend?

Let me know which one you try.




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