Discover Sézane the Parisian store/brand you’ll love

Located in the second arrondissement of Paris the Sézane store is homy. No wonder it’s called “l’Appartement”.

The brand is born in 2013. The name Sézane refers to the first and last names of the creator Morgane Sézalory. Sézane is also linked to the painter Cézanne therefore associating the brand with art.

Last Christmas my aunt gave me a gift card from Sézane. I spent it this month and partly bought with it pants from the brand. They are called the “Gustav pants” and come in black.

My Gustav pants

Sézane pays a lot attention to packaging. Indeed they are posh. In my gift card box there was a nice chic notebook and a cute quote by Musset. And when I bought my pants a green blue tote bag came with them.

What do you think of the brand? What is your favourite piece?

Let me know.




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