Nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award

Hello everyone! I have been writing articles for a bit more than a year now and I am proud and honored to receive this award. Again a massive thank you to Emma

First, according to the rules let me tell you why I started my blog. In fact, I like to write about what I know and to share it with other people. I think it’s nice to be supported by people who like your content, to interact with them, receive and give some advice. Also, having a blog is an achievement to me. It feels quite fulfilling. Blogging is giving yourself a chance to put together words that people will respond to and that will make you feel good.

Then let me give you some blogging advice.

1.Write about what you love:

I believe that when you write about your interests, inspiration comes naturally. You don’t have to pretend. If what you write seems true and passionate to you, it will be the same for others.

2. Add pictures to your content:

When you put nice illustrations into your posts, it makes the reading easier most of the time. It can also help people understand your tastes better and picture what you mean or explain in your post.

Now that I have been nominated for this award, I nominate 15 bloggers for the blogger nomination award. The following bloggers write about content I can refer to, post content similar to mind, and/or that I find inspiring, have blogs with nice illustrations, write well and with a hint of humor sometimes. The nominees are:




4. eghoartculture

5. supersweetserendipityblog

6.autumn whewell

7.little fears

8. the beauty spyglass

9. bella inizio

10. mylilsliceoflife

11.tales of belle

12. makeup she said

13. girly treasures

14. katrine m

15. beth x kate


1. Write a post and mention the award you have won.

2. In your post, mention the blogger who nominated you and leave the link to her/his blog.

3. Explain why you started blogging.

4. Give two pieces of advice about blogging.

5. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award with a link to their blog.

Good luck with your blogging !




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